About Us

We're a boutique agency that combines LA Swagger with Texas Grit

why we started

How many times have you heard the same song used over and over on advertising content because it's "trending" and yet it's so unbearable?

How many times have you heard an agency say "we turn ideas into reality"? Isn't that a given?

We're the detour from the generic, seekers of the unorthodox.

Philip and Andrew started SAS because they were tired of playing it safe and want to do more impactful work that pushes the boundaries of traditional advertising.

In case you were wondering, SAS is short for Saweris + Salama. They didn't want to sound too stiff  😁

Philip 'PJ' Saweris | Managing Partner

"Advertising in its purest form evokes emotion, creates curiosity, and stimulates the imagination"

Philip has over 2 decades of marketing and consulting experience. He is driven by new challenges, asking "why not?" or "what if?"

Philip's #1 advice for beginners...Be curious and always experiment. Creativity is an endless cycle of experiments. Embrace failure, learn from it, and move on.

Andrew 'Drew' Salama | Partner, Creative Director

"Creating a masterpiece is a painstaking iterative process where you only stop when what you've created makes you pause and smile"

Andrew has over 15 years of photography and filmmaking experience, including international projects. He loves ideas that challenge the norm and push his creativity to the next level.

Andrew's #1 advice to beginners...Master light. Light is the core of all masterpieces. When you have a mastery of light, you'll develop an eye for how a scene or image will turn out before you even take the shot.

We are not for everyone.

Our clients are open minded, frustrated with status quo, and most importantly, ready to act.

If you're wanting to chase trends just to keep up with the "Joneses", we're not for you.

If you're wanting to create your own taste and have your voice heard above the noise, let's talk!

Ready to standout?